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The basketball portion of Paxton was started in 1974 to keep the football players busy during the winter months. Paxton basketball has been running strong ever since for the past 30 plus years.

 The difference between now and then however is that the program consists of not just the football players but also players from the entire Central Dauphin School District. The league grew from a small 6 team league of 8 to 10 yr olds boys to a program that consists of teams from 6 to 14 yr olds for both boys and girls. This league is coed but the participants do not seem to mind.

The league has had strong showings in both boys and girls all-star tournaments and games.

The basketball program is made up of very dedicated volunteers who dedicated the time during the cold winter months to teach kids the fundamentals, sportsmanship, and rules of the game of basketball. Most volunteers who dedicate themselves to the basketball program usually are volunteering in the league for a number of years even sticking around after their children graduate from the league.

The goals of the basketball program are as follows,

1) to teach kids the fundamentals of basketball like dribbling, passing, and shooting in a fun environment.

2) to teach the kids the rules of the game of basketball by using PIAA refs for every game in the league and by the coaches making sure the kids understand the rule violation when it is committed.

3) to teach the kids sportsmanship by making sure teams shake hands before and after games and make sure all players play in the game regardless of skill or ability. The coaches make sure all the participants have a good time and always make sure kids understand the value and rules of the word “team”

4) to show players that winning and losing is not important but how the game is played on the court is what matters most. This is accomplished by not keeping standings of wins and loses and all teams regardless of wins or loses make an end of season tournament to decide the league champion.

5) to show the participants that every player on their team matters to the whole team. This is done with league rules that makes sure every 8-10 yr old plays at least one half of the game and all 11 to 14 yr olds play at least 1 quarter and 1/2 of a quarter in each game.