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The Paxton Athletic Association has adopted the following conduct policy towards spectators, coaches, league officials, and players.

The following WILL NOT BE TOLERATED during Paxton Athletic Association events or on Central Dauphin School District property:

  • Unsportsmanlike behavior,
  • Any inappropriate behavior that is considered detrimental to our children,
  • Fighting or other violent behavior,
  • Interference with officials of the on-going game before, during, and after any league game during any point of the season and post season.  This may include harassment, verbal language, and conversation related to the game which would cause a delay in game.  Officials include coaches, scorekeepers, and PIAA referees.

The Paxton Athletic Association reserves the right to ask any person to remove themselves from a Paxton Athletic Association event if a Board member and/or league coordinator involved in the current event agree that the action warrants it.

  • At no time will a Board member of the Paxton Athletic Association program enter into a physical altercation trying to remove a person(s) from any basketball event.  Local authorities will become involved at that point.
  • Any offense involving physical contact with another individual eliminates the violator for the season, with no refund.
  • Once a person(s) has been asked to leave a Paxton Athletic Association event, they may not return to any Paxton Athletic Association event for the next 3 scheduled events.  Another responsible adult may bring the athlete(s) to their scheduled event.  Any other occurrences will result in being removed for the entire season.
  • Any person will be held liable for damage of fines incurred during an event such as fines levied by PIAA referees, CDSD and/or the Paxton Athletic Association.