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Past Basketball Champions


2015-2016 Pony Champions- Blue Devils

2014-2015 Pony Champions- Heat

2013-2014 Pony Regular Season Champions- Warriors

2013-2014 Pony Tournament Champions- Heat

2013 Midget- 2nd place Brightbill Summer Basketball League-Division C

2012-2013 Midget Champions — Bulls
2012-2013 Pony Champions — Magic
2012 Pony- 2nd place Brightbill Summer Basketball League- Division B

2011-2012 Midget Champions — Lakers
2011-2012 Pony Champions — Celtics
2010-2011- Pony Champs- Sixers
2010-2011- Midget girl champions Shock
2010-2011- Midget Boy Champions Hawks
2009-2010- Thunder-Pony champions
2009-2010- Lakers- Midget Champions
2009-2010- Lakers- Midget Suburban League Champions
2008-2009- Pistons -Pony champions
2008-2009- Lakers- Midget Champions
2007-2008- Kings- Pony Champions
2007-2008- Cavaliers- Midget Champions
2006-2007- Magic- Pony Champions
2006-2007- Spurs- Midget Championship
2007-2007- Pony boys all-star team -2nd place in the Middletown tournament.
2000-2001- Pistons- Pony champions
Midget 2nd place Rutherford Tournament-1989
Paxton Invitational- 2nd place -1981
Middletown Tournament 2nd place midgets-1984
Middletown tournament -4th place 1988
Rutherford Tournament 1st place-1978
Rams Elem Tournament-2nd place 1978-1979
Rutherford Tournament-2nd place-1986
Rutherford Tournament-2nd place-1978
Paxton Invitational-1st place-1979